Alnisa Maternity Home

'Striving for excellence, commited to respect communication, offering low intervention, CONSISTENT, family friendly care.'

About US

We are a midwife led low risk unit supporting women centered care with an active approach to physiological labour and births. We offer consistent, respectful, compassionate care in a safe environment. We believe that every individual has the right to give birth naturally in a safe, sterile environment in which risk to the mother and baby is significantly minimised. We provide private antenatal and postnatal care as a midwife obstetric unit offering tranquil, well-equipped wards with a homely feel. Midwifery-led care is a high-certainty, evidence-based strategy to improve maternity care. The universal philosophy of midwives emphasizes care that promotes normal physiologic pregnancy and labor and supports the natural ability of women to experience births with minimum or no routine intervention. Midwives practice holistic care guided by the ethical principles of justice, equity, and respect for human dignity, and their practice is grounded in continuous education and the use of scientific research and evidence (International Confederation of Midwives Global Standards for Midwifery Education 2013). Alnisa Maternity home was opened in February 2011. We are based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and welcome patients form anywhere.

It has been our dream to establish a facility that offers a homely, inexpensive enviromnent in which to give birth

At Alnisa, we promote natural births. We are striving towards shifting the ratio so that natural births account for more than 70% of births at our facility as opposed to the national average that sees 70% of babies being born by caesarian. 

Your health, our mission

Midwives at Alnisa are committed to :