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You can book an appointment for a first scan around 7-8 weeks to confirm pregnancy and estimated gestation. A first screening visit can be booked from 10 weeks

Count the weeks starting from the first day of your last period

The pain relief options offered are entenox gas and pethedine injection. We do not offer epidurals as this needs to be administered and overseen by a specialist.

Back up hospitals are discussed and put in place at the very first antenatal screening visit.

This is the first consultation with a midwife wherein a medical screening is done to asses potential risk factors. There is no scan done with this visit unless you choose to have a scan.

We refer mainly to state hospital as decided by the area that the client resides in and the nature of transfer/referral. We also refer to private hospitals where a visit with the a private gynaecologist affiliated to that private hospital is arranged by the client before birth.

We do scans that look at the general growth of baby, not specifically the gender.

We accept medical aid for birth only and there is a refundable deposit due by 32weeks for clients that are on medical aid.

Our clients are welcome to stay up to 24 hours after birth. With normal delivery and recovery, most clients opt to go home sooner.

Our services are open to all clients from any particular. We would like to make the services open to all as we feel that it is a much needed service for the community.