Alnisa Maternity Home

Our Team

The staff at Alnisa are committed to

  • work as a team to support each other
  • commit to ongoing education and updates
  • have an attitude of kindness, compassion, caring and empathy to clients and team
  • informed consent giving space to deny consent
  • Professional Midwifery practices
  • being a unit that embraces inclusivity and diversity with a non-judgemental attitue
  • honouring patient confidentiality
  • having a mature approach to conflict resolution

Midwife team

The essence of a midwife is made up of:

Striving for excellence

A commitment to respectful communication

Offering individualized low intervention and consistent care within our protocols

Individualizing care could include:

Finding the balance between supportive, woman centered care and the medical aspects of managing labor.

Allowing “unconventional” responses to labor for those who are traumatized.

Understanding the emotions and behavior of birth, as well as the physiology

Meet our Team Members

Zukiswa Mndini

Nursing Assistant

Cherylene Hendricks


Janine Veron


Kirsty Tito

Post Natal Midwife

Leanie Bezuidenhout


Lydia Du Toit

Baby Clinic & Labor Ward Midwife

Andiswa Cungcu




Cathy Brandt

Nursing Assistant

Masnoena Solomons


Natalie Du Trevou