Alnisa Maternity Home

Our Services


Assisted by qualified midwives, offering low risk pain relief options & recovery ward stay. The Alnisa clinical team of midwives and nurses are there to ensure your birth journey is calm, tranquil, and beautiful. We endeavour to provide holistic safe care to ensure the health and wellbeing of both you and your baby. Our new labour ward consists of 3 delivery rooms 2 of which have a bathtub fitted for hydrotherapy pain management during your labour. All our wards and delivery rooms are private and offer a tranquil space and allows for individual care during your birth journey with us.

Postnatal Care

Alnisa mommies and babies are brought back for Day 3 and Day7 visits post birth to make sure mummy and baby are recovering well. This service is open to all postpartum mom and newborn babies who have given birth at any facility by normal or c-section delivery. Postnatal care can include checking of stitches, baby weight check, breast feeding aid and guidance etc. Our postnatal clinic runs form Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.


Alnisa in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Health offers vaccinations from birth to 12 years old in accordance with the state mandated vaccination schedule

Family Planning

We offer different forms of family planning and female wellness. Oral, injectable IUCD and Implanon insertion. IUCD and Implanon removal and insertion is done by a qualified GP on Thursday mornings. The GP also does pap smears and women wellness checks. All other forms of family planning are administered by our midwives during the week 8-4pm Monday-Friday.


Basic or dating scans done at 7-11 weeks is to confirm pregnancy, check baby’s heartbeat and confirm expected due date R500.

Nuchal scan i.e., NT scan is done between 12 and 13 weeks and 6 days. This measures the amount of fluid at the back of the baby’s neck, which gives an indication of the risk of Down’s syndrome. Accompanying bloods are optional and taken to give a better indication. Bloods are done and paid directly by patients to Pathcare. (R R850).

The fetal anomaly (FA) scan which is done between 18 and 24 weeks ideally 20-22 is a detailed review of the baby’s anatomy, including the head, spine, heart and kidneys. (R850)

Any scan after 24 weeks is charged as a growth scan. R 500

Gynaecological scans (non-pregnancy scans) are done by Sonographers only, but patient must have a referral letter from a gynae or GP explaining what to look for. Please advise the patient to come with a full bladder before they come in for their gynae scan as this makes it easier to view if the scan is going to be done abdominally

Antenatal Care

Our Midwife team Provides excellent care during your pregnancy starting with an initial visit anytime from 12 weeks on. Midwives are the experts at Normal Low Risk uncomplicated pregnancy and Birth. Should complications emerge at any time you would then be referred to the appropriate level of care. The Guidelines for Midwifery Care at Alnisa are based on the State Endorsed Policies and Guidelines.

Ante-Natal care is routine check-ups conducted by our midwives and scans done by our sonographers. Ante-natal wellbeing will also include health education, promotion and dietary needs. Antenatal care comprises of:

  1. Dating scan as soon as 8 weeks gestation
  2. Nuchal Translucency (NT)scan (optional) @ 13 weeks – Down Syndrome Screening
  3. Antenatal screening or first midwife consultation from 12 weeks gestation
  4. 20 week follow up midwife consultation and a 20 week scan done by our sonographers
  5. 24 week follow up midwife consultation. Your booking history may require a glucose tolerance test which will be booked at Pathcare and you will pay them directly for the test
  6. 28 week follow up midwife consultation
  7. 32 week follow up midwife consultation & blood tests
  8. 36 week follow up midwife consultation
  9. 38 week follow up midwife consultation
  10. 40 week follow up midwife consultation